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by Ramesh Natarajan on July 13, 2011

Many of you asked me this question: I read your articles regularly and learned a lot from them. I would like to thank TGS. How can I help?

The answer is simple: Help me grow the blog by personally recommending it to your friends and colleagues. Send them this welcome url, and request them to subscribe to the blog.

Some of you have been following this blog for a very long time. Some of you subscribed to the blog recently. Irrespective of how long you’ve been following the blog, you already know that my focus is to publish high quality tutorials on Linux that will educate you, and help you learn and explore Linux and open source technologies.

Send this Welcome URL to others: http://www.thegeekstuff.com/welcome

  • Send an email to your friends and colleagues with the above welcome URL, and with your personal recommendation of the TGS blog. Request them to subscribe to the blog to learn and explore Linux and open source technologies on an on-going basis with us.
  • If your company has an internal mailing list (or newsletter, or forum), post a message in it with your personal recommendation of the blog.
  • If you are student, post a message in your university mailing list and inform other students about the blog, and request them to subscribe to it.
  • When you recommend the blog to others, you look smart for recommending a high quality Linux blog to them, and they benefit by learning and exploring Linux by reading our articles, and you are also helping TGS in this process.

PS: I spend tons of time creating high quality articles for the blog to help you. You can thank me by just spending less than 60 seconds to send an email to your friends and colleagues, and request them to subscribe to the blog.

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