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15 mysqlbinlog Command Examples for MySQL Binary Log Files

In MySQL or MariaDB, anytime you make a change to the database, that particular event is logged. For example, when you create a new table, or update data on an existing table, those events are stored in the binary logs. Binary log is very helpful in MySQL replication, where the main server will send the [...]


Once you've installed and configured MySQL or MariaDB, the first step is to create a database. Only after creating a database, you can create tables and insert records. This tutorial explains the following examples that are used to create and manipulate a MySQL database: Create New MySQL Database Create MySQL DB with Specific Character Set [...]

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Starting from CentOS 7, you will not see a package called mysql-server in the yum repository. Now the package is called as mariadb-server. The original MySQL is now owned by Oracle corporation. But MariaDB is a fork of the original MySQL database. Just like the original MySQL, MariaDB is also open source, developed by open [...]

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