Top 5 Best Chromebook Laptop (and Pros and Cons of Chrome OS)

by Ramesh Natarajan on November 23, 2014

Chromebook LaptopChromebook runs on Chrome OS.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a chromebook, you should first decide whether Chrome OS is an appropriate choice for you or not.

We’ll explore the following in this article:

  • Why you should buy chromebook?
  • Why you shouldn’t buy chromebook?
  • Top 5 best chromebook laptop to purchase


As a Linux Sysadmin, you might still end-up dealing with few Windows Servers.

One essential sysadmin tasks on Windows Server is to install and configure AD.

Typically, we use the DCPROMO.exe command in Windows server 2003/2008 to install the Active directory services.

12 Essential MySQL Insert Command Examples

by Ramesh Natarajan on November 19, 2014

mysql-logoOne of the common MySQL operation is to insert records into a table.

This tutorial explains how to use MySQL insert command with several practical and useful examples.

The following example will connect to devdb database with username devuser and password mysecretpwd

How to Enable VMware VAAI and Install NetApp Plugin on ESXi

by Karthikeyan Sadhasivam on November 18, 2014

VAAI stands for VMware APIs Array Integration (for vSphere Storage).

VAAI is also referred to as hardware acceleration (or hardware offload APIs), which are a set of APIs to enable communication between VMware vSphere ESXi hosts and storage devices.

This APIs are enabled on the ESXi host to offload certain storage operations to the storage array instead of all the I/O operations being handled by the VM kernel.

Yum ExcludeWhen you perform yum update, it will download the latest version of all the packages that are installed on your system, and upgrade them to the latest version.

You may be in situation where you might not want yum to automatically update one (or more) specific package.

In those situations, use the yum exclude option as shown in the examples below.

Dynamic programming approach was developed by Richard Bellman in 1940s.

It was an attempt to create the best solution for some class of optimization problems, in which we find a best solution from smaller sub problems.

This approach is recognized in both math and programming, but our focus will be more from programmers point of view. This is not an algorithm that could be applied to all problems of optimization.

10 pidstat Examples to Debug Performance Issues of Linux Process

by Balakrishnan Mariyappan on November 12, 2014

pidstat stands for PID Statistics.

This tool can monitor an individual process that is managed by kernel and generate a report. It can monitor either a specific PID (process id), or all the process running on the system.

pidstat is a part of sysstat utility.

This tool reports various statistics including CPU used by a process, disk usage statistics of a process, statistics for threads associated with selected tasks and child processes.

As we discussed earlier, using grunt, during your development process, you can execute tasks automatically in the background.

This is helpful in web and mobile UI development process where html, css and javascript are part of the tech stack.

This article covers this specific example scenario: Anytime you modify a css file in your development project, you would like grunt to automatically execute the minification routine on that css file.