How to Record Audio and Save as MP3 File using Audacity

by Balakrishnan Mariyappan on August 5, 2014

Audacity is an open source software for manipulating audio. The following are few important features of audacity:

  • Record live audio
  • Playback recorded audio/sound files
  • Edit sound files by cut, copy & paste.
  • Convert audio from one format to another

Apart from Linux you can also install Audacity on Windows and Mac OS X.

This article explains few essentials features of audacity with screenshots.

15 EMC Navisphere CLI Command Examples with NaviSecCLI

by Karthikeyan Sadhasivam on August 4, 2014

emcNavisphere CLI is a command line interface tool for EMC storage system management.

You can use it for storage provisioning and manage array configurations from any one of the managed storage system on the LAN.

It can also be used to automate the management functions through shell scripts and batch files.

Grunt LogoWhat is Grunt?

Grunt is a command line task runner; i.e a build tool.

Grunt is supposed to be used with node.js installation. It is built on top of node. Grunt is available as a package at npm repository.

Two Purpose of Grunt

The major purpose of Grunt is automation. The following are two main reasons to use Grunt:

If you are working on any object oriented programming languages (For example, C++), the following are some of the important concepts that you should understand during your learning phase.

Out of the following concepts, in this article, you’ll learn the basics of Inheritance and Abstract class using a sample C++ code snippet and an explanation that goes along with it.

Sometimes when you try to commit a file to SVN repository, you might get a conflict message.

This means that your working copy is not the latest one when compared to the copy that was already present in the repository.

Someone has updated the file after you took the latest update from the repository.

I’m excited to announce that the details of the San Francisco Bay Area Linux Sysadmin workshop is finalized.

Several participants who showed interested in this workshop earlier have already signed-up. Early bird registration will close by July 31st. If you are interested, take advantage of the early-bird discount and sign-up quickly.

This article is part of a series of articles on Python Regular Expressions.

This article is a continuation on the topic and will build on what we’ve previously learned. In this article we’ll discuss:

  1. Working with Multi-line strings / matches
  2. Greedy vs. Non-Greedy matching
  3. Substitution using regular expressions


Most of us might not be aware that there is a Windows Core version, which has only command-line without any GUI.

This core version relatively provides high level of security, as all GUI interface are removed, which also increases the performance of the system.

This might be helpful if you are running Windows server.