Linksys wireless router

4 Easy Steps To Upgrade Linksys Wireless Router Firmware

by Ramesh Natarajan on June 8, 2009

Wireless RouterIf you own a Linksys Wireless router, it is strongly recommended that you upgrade the firmware to a latest version, which may resolve lot of bugs including random dropping of wireless connections. This article explains how to upgrade to the latest firmware on your Linksys wireless router.
Also, make sure you’ve secured your wireless as mentioned in 6 Steps to Secure Your Home Wireless Network

6 Steps to Secure Your Home Wireless Network

by Ramesh Natarajan on August 7, 2008

Wireless RouterMost of you might have enabled wireless encryption, which is only one of the 6 steps mentioned in this article to make your wireless network safe and secure from hackers.  The screenshots mentioned below are from Linksys wireless router. But, you’ll find similar options for all the 6 steps mentioned below in wireless routers from any other vendors.
Apart from these 6 steps to secure your wireless router, also make sure your wireless router firmware is up-to-date. Refer to our 4 easy steps to upgrade linksys wireless router firmware article for detailed instructions on how to upgrade your router firmware.