Our Services

We are specialized in IT infrastructure and open source technology.

The following is partial list of technologies that we can help you with:

  • Linux Sysadmin (Any *nix flavors)
  • Database Administration (MariaDB / MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, SQL*Server)
  • Configuration Management – (Git, Subversion, etc.,)
  • IT Automation and DevOps (Chef, Ansible, Puppet, etc.,)
  • Virtualization (VMware, KVM, etc.,)
  • Web Servers (Apache, Tomcat, Nginx, JBoss, etc.,)
  • Application Containers (Docker, etc.,)
  • Cloud Migration and Management (Amazon AWS, Openstack, etc.,)
  • Server and Storage Infrastructure (EMC, DELL, IBM, etc.,)
  • Networking Infrastructure (Firewall, Switches, Routers, etc.,)
  • Datacenter Operations
  • Enterprise Monitoring Solutions (Nagios, ZenOSS, etc.,)
  • Big Data and Analytics (Hadoop, etc.,)
  • eMail Migration and Management (Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps, etc.,)
  • IT Support and Management (Desktop, Wireless, Phones, etc.,)
  • Any open source technology…

Depending on your situation, we can offer our technology expertise as consulting service, or managed service, or training service.

Consulting Service

One of our strength is that we have the combination of strong hands-on technology skill along with excellent ability to execute and manage a project by working with all levels of people in your organization.

We can help you execute any of your existing technology project where you need a helping hand, or we can also take your new business ideas and transform them into an actionable technology project and execute it for you.

As you already know, technology is evolving and changing at a tremendous pace. You cannot use past technology skill-set and project execution as a guideline for the future. This is where you can leverage our consulting service and technology expertise to execute your projects.

Let us work together to identify the scope of your project and finalize the details on how we can execute it successfully.

Managed Service

Probably you’ve come to realize that managing day-to-day technology operations of your organization can get bit complex and sometimes even out-of-control as there are many unknown factors that can affect your daily operation at any given day.

If these daily operations are not done proactively with strong process and systems in place, it can end-up being costly and distracting to your business.

This is where we can help you in various ways. We can take-over your daily operations and use our technology skill-set, tools and process to run it smoothly, or we can help you by taking over certain aspects of your daily operations as managed service.

Training Service

If you already have a strong IT team who can execute your projects and perform daily operations, sometimes the bottleneck may just be that your team is not savvy in the new technology stack that you want to implement.

In that case, we can provide a focused training for your team on the new technology that you are planning to implement. We have unique combination of hands-on technology implementation along with excellent ability to convert those real-world experience into meaningful and focused training that will bring your team upto speed on new technology.

Let us team-up

The above is just a high-level guideline on how we can work together. Sometimes, depending on your situation, we may have to combine some of the above services, or even come-up with something new that is not listed above.

One of the great advantage and benefit of working with us is that we are highly skilled, small and nimble team who’ll provide our full attention to you to make you successful.

I’ll be personally involved hands-on in all the projects that you’ll engage me. Your satisfaction and success is my highest priority.

Reach-out to me and let us discuss and figure-out how we can work together.

Thank You!
~Ramesh Natarajan