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8 Steps to Install MirthConnect with MySQL / MariaDB on Linux

Mirth Connect is an Open Source Integration Engine that is primarily used in the Health Care domain. This support various health care standards (HL7, XML, EDI/X12, DICOM etc) that will help enterprise to integrate different systems, and let them talk to each other in a common language. MirthConnect interface engine also supports various standard protocols [...]


The first hands-on Linux sysadmin workshop for this year is here. This time it will be conducted in Los Angeles for 2 days. Workshop Date: 9-Feb-2017 (Thu) and 10-Feb-2017 (Fri) Location: 2000 East Mariposa Avenue, El Segundo, CA 90245 Click here to learn more about the workshop and register your spot (There is an early [...]


Happy New Year 2017 – From Geek and the Dolls

Happy New Year to all TGS readers from Me and My Daughters (Diya and Neha). We wish you and your family a happy, healthy, and joyful new year. At TGS, our goal is to educate you on Linux and open source technologies on an on-going basis. With your tremendous love and support, we are committed [...]


How to Fix Curl TLS SSL Protocol Issue from CLI and PHP Code

Q: On one of our server, the webserver is not setup to support SSLv2 or SSLv3. Both are disabled on the server side. It supports only TLSv1. How can I get curl to work from both command line, and from inside my PHP code? A: In most case, curl will automatically pick the correct protocol [...]


How to Disable Same Origin Policy on Chrome and IE browser

For web application security all the modern browsers strictly follows a policy called "same origin policy". What is "Same Origin Policy"? According to this policy a web page script can access data of another web page or can interact with it only if the origin of both them are same. When we say origin here, [...]


How to Enable Wi-Fi (NFC) on Nikon DSLR Camera

If you are using one of the newer Nikon DSLR camera, you can enable Wi-Fi directly on the camera. There are few advantages to enable Wi-Fi on your DSLR. You can use your phone as a remote control to take picture. This will help you to make sure nobody is left out in your group [...]


How to Create Your First iPhone App with an Example

Apple iOS apps are written in Objective C language. Objective C is an extension of C Programming Language and it's an Object Oriented Language. For creating an iPhone app you need two things: 1) Apple's Mac Laptop or Desktop 2) Xcode for IDE. If you are a newbie to iPhone app development, this tutorial will [...]

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FBI vs Apple: Should Apple Create a Backdoor for iPhone

US department of justice has issued an order to Apple to help FBI unlock the iPhone used by the shooter in the San Bernardino case. But, Apple is fighting that request. Basically FBI is requesting Apple to build a new version of the iPhone iOS (or a special tool) which will bypass several security features [...]