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How to Disable Same Origin Policy on Chrome and IE browser

For web application security all the modern browsers strictly follows a policy called “same origin policy”. What is “Same Origin Policy”? According to this policy a web page script can access data of another web page or can interact with it only if the origin of both them are same. When we say origin here, [...]


How to Enable Wi-Fi (NFC) on Nikon DSLR Camera

If you are using one of the newer Nikon DSLR camera, you can enable Wi-Fi directly on the camera. There are few advantages to enable Wi-Fi on your DSLR. You can use your phone as a remote control to take picture. This will help you to make sure nobody is left out in your group [...]


How to Create Your First iPhone App with an Example

Apple iOS apps are written in Objective C language. Objective C is an extension of C Programming Language and it’s an Object Oriented Language. For creating an iPhone app you need two things: 1) Apple’s Mac Laptop or Desktop 2) Xcode for IDE. If you are a newbie to iPhone app development, this tutorial will [...]

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FBI vs Apple: Should Apple Create a Backdoor for iPhone

US department of justice has issued an order to Apple to help FBI unlock the iPhone used by the shooter in the San Bernardino case. But, Apple is fighting that request. Basically FBI is requesting Apple to build a new version of the iPhone iOS (or a special tool) which will bypass several security features [...]


CERT has issued an vulnerability alert VU#457759 for glibc. If you have glibc installed on your system, during the DNS resolver, it may be vulnerable to stack buffer overflow. This article explains how to fix this glibc vulenrability on your server. This issue is documented here: CVE-2015-7547 Versions affected: All glibc from 2.9 to 2.22 [...]


How to Setup Vagrant on Linux to Create Virtual Dev Environment

Vagrant is an open source tool used for creating a portable virtual environment. Using Vagrant, developers and sysadmins can create any virtual environment instantly. Vagrant is extremely simple to use and configure. Vagrant acts as central configuration repository for managing and deploying multiple reproducible virtual environments from a canned OS image with same configuration. 1. [...]


When you have an enterprise application or website that gets lot of hits, your server might be under heavy load. In that case, you may want to consider distributing the load across multiple servers. Load balancer will distribute the work-load of your system to multiple individual systems, or group of systems to to reduce the [...]


Happy New Year 2016 – From Geek and the Dolls

We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do. ~Mother Teresa Happy New Year to all TGS readers from Me and My Daughters (Diya and Neha). We wish you and your family a happy and prosperous New Year. As you already know, at TGS, with your tremendous love and support, we [...]