C++ Programming

Statistics is an essential part of Math, they have several practical applications, but sometimes very hard to understand for non mathematicians.

In this tutorial, we’ll focus on how to implement an algorithm to calculate statistical median.

PAL stands for Physics Abstraction Layer.

Physics engine is a programming library that can model most of the essential factors (e.g. gravity, collision) of the physical world.

With the help of physics engines, we can enhance the reality of computer games or make an accurate emulation of physics experiment.

There are many different physics engine with various programming interfaces, and this leads to the demands of an abstraction programming layer, which can hide engine specific details and expose a common layer for programmers.

The set {1, 2, 3, …} is known as the set of natural numbers, they are usually signed as N numbers.

This tutorial is about prime numbers. So what are prime numbers?

Let us take number 15, which could be represented as shown below. This is not a prime number.
15 = 1 * 3 * 5

Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician who introduced this subject to European mathematics, but the similar array was mentioned even before his time.

There are two definitions of Fibonacci numbers with slight variation. Both are pretty similar but little different at the same time.

STL Tutorial: How to use C++ Vector with Example Program

by Koscica Dusko on February 20, 2014

Vector is an important part of a STL (Standard Template Library).

On a very high-level, STL library has lot of containers that are often used, and it has few methods that could be applied on those containers. Basically STL has several ready-to-use common classes that you can use in your C++ programming. We’ll cover STL in detail probably in a separate article.

Before we discuss about Vector, let us start with an array.

C++ Template Functions Explained with an Example Program

by Koscica Dusko on February 13, 2014

Let us assume that we are in the situation where we need to create a function that calculates the absolute value of a number.

When you have a number that is positive, then absolute value of the number is that same number, but if the number is negative, then the absolute value of the number is that number with sign changed.

So, the function, if you work with int data type would be like this:

Once you understand the basics of C++ programming language, it is essential for you to develop your problem solving skills using C++ program. In other words, you should know how to develop your programming logic to solve a given problem.

In this tutorial, we’ll give a simple binary problem, which you should solve by writing a C++ program.

Top 10 Mistakes Not to Make in a Programming Interview

by Himanshu Arora on November 4, 2013

If you are a programmer, you already know that when you apply for a programming job, the interview process is little different than any other technical job interviews.

In this article we will discuss 10 mistakes that you should avoid in a programming interview.