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How to Install and Configure Oracle SQL Developer Client

If you are working on Oracle database either as developer or DBA, you need a good front-end to manage your database. In the old days, one of the popular option was Toad. But, now, there is even a better and robust option; SQL Developer. SQL Developer is an oracle product. It is free. It is [...]

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10 Oracle UNDO Tablespace Management Examples

If you have Oracle database running on your environment, even if you are a developer or linux sysadmin, you might end-up doing some basic DBA tasks on development instance. One of the essential DBA task is to manage UNDO on your Oracle database. Oracle will temporarily store the data manipulation transactions in the UNDO area [...]

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15 Oracle Exp Command Examples to Export Database Objects

Even if you are a sysadmin or developer, when you have Oracle running in your environment, you might encounter a situation where you have to do some basic DBA tasks. One such task is to export data from an Oracle database. Using Oracle's exp utility, it is very easy to dump data from database. In [...]


How to Delete Old Obsolete and Expired Oracle RMAN Backup

If you are sysadmin, sometimes you might find yourself dealing with Oracle backups. Apart from taking oracle RMAN backup, you should also understand how to Delete the old backups from the RMAN catalog and from physical filesystem. If you don't properly delete obsolete and expired Oracle DB backup from the catalog, it will cause some [...]


How to Restore Oracle Database using RMAN (with Examples)

As a Linux sysadmin, you might recover a system from backup, which may include Oracle Database. So, it is essential for all admins to understand how to restore oracle database from backup. Typically, DBAs will use Oracle RMAN utility to take a hot backup of the database. This tutorial provides an introduction on how to [...]


How to Create an Oracle OVM VM from an Linux ISO DVD Image

If you are a Linux sysadmin, working in an environment that uses lot of Oracle products, you might be in a situation to explore the Oracle virtualization product called OVM. In OVM, you'll typically use a pre-existing OVM templates for a particular Linux distro (or Windows) to create a virtual machine. But, you can also [...]


Most of you are already familiar with SQL database, and have a good knowledge on either MySQL, Oracle, or other SQL databases. In the last several years, NoSQL database is getting widely adopted to solve various business problems. It is helpful to understand the difference between SQL and NoSQL database, and some of available NoSQL [...]


How Much Swap Space to Add for Oracle Database on Linux

If you are running Oracle database on your environment, and having some performance issues because of memory, you may have to look at the swap space configured on your system. For Oracle 11g database, the following is the recommendation from Oracle in terms of how much space space you should add. If your RAM size [...]