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12 Essential MySQL Insert Command Examples

One of the common MySQL operation is to insert records into a table. This tutorial explains how to use MySQL insert command with several practical and useful examples. The following example will connect to devdb database with username devuser and password mysecretpwd # mysql -u devuser -pmysecretpwd devdb mysql> For this tutorial, we'll insert values [...]


This tutorial explains how to restore MySQL tables when all or some of the tables are lost, or when MySQL fails to load table data. One of the reason for this to happen is when the table data is corrupted. In this particular scenario, when you connect to the MySQL database server, you cannot see [...]


When you migrate from MS SQL to MySQL, apart from migrating the data, you should also migrate the application code that resides in the database. Earlier we discussed how to migrate MS SQL to MySQL database using the WorkSQL Workbench tool. As part of the migration, it will only convert tables and copy the data, [...]


How to Migrate Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL Database

If you are using mostly open source in your enterprise, and have few MS SQL server database around, you might want to consider migrating those to MySQL database. The following are few reasons why you might want to consider migrating Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL database: To avoid huge License and support fees of MS [...]


If you've decided to use MySQL database for your enterprise application, you should wisely choose the MySQL storage engine type that will be appropriate for your situation. Depending on the situation, a particular storage engine can be a best fit or worst fit. Once you understand the differences between all MySQL storage engines, it will [...]


In certain situations it's a good option to use Nodejs with MySQL instead of PHP or any other server-side language. By using Nodejs you can get the advantage of its asynchronous behaviour, which in certain case may increase the performance, and you may not need to migrate an existing MySQL database to some other NoSQL [...]


Most of you are already familiar with SQL database, and have a good knowledge on either MySQL, Oracle, or other SQL databases. In the last several years, NoSQL database is getting widely adopted to solve various business problems. It is helpful to understand the difference between SQL and NoSQL database, and some of available NoSQL [...]


Q: How do I connect to a MySQL database from a perl program? I like to connect to an existing mysql database and select records from a particular table. Can you explain with a simple working example? A: You should use perl DBI module to connect to a MySQL database as explained below. If you [...]