tcpdump command

Packet Analyzer: 15 TCPDUMP Command Examples

by Sasikala on August 25, 2010

tcpdump command is also called as packet analyzer.

tcpdump command will work on most flavors of unix operating system. tcpdump allows us to save the packets that are captured, so that we can use it for future analysis. The saved file can be viewed by the same tcpdump command. We can also use open source software like wireshark to read the tcpdump pcap files.

In this tcpdump tutorial, let us discuss some practical examples on how to use the tcpdump command.

Network Switch with Ethernet Cables
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Editcap utility is used to select or remove specific packets from dump file and translate them into a given format. Editcap does not perform packet captures like ethereal. Instead, it operates on the captured packets and writes some of the required packets into another file. We can pass various options to editcap to get our preferred packets.

In this article, let us review 11 practical examples on how-to use editcap to handle the packet dumps effectively.