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Create ASCII drawings inside Vim EditorYou can create line drawings in Vim editor using the Vim DrawIt! plugin. You can draw flow charts, ER diagrams, or any other diagrams that can be created as line drawing inside a text editor using this plugin.


Get Your Copy of Vim 101 Hacks eBook

by Ramesh Natarajan on October 21, 2009

Vim 101 Hacks eBookIf you are working on UNIX / Linux environment, you should become comfortable in the Vim editor.

If you think the Vim editor is not user friendly, or intuitive to learn quickly and become an expert — you are not alone.

This book contains 101 practical examples that will help both newbies and intermediate Vim users to become an expert.

Each hack provided in this eBook is very crisp and easy to understand. The practical examples will show you exactly how to use a particular Vim feature.


Vim editor Increment or Decrement Numbers and DateFrom Vim editor, move your cursor to a number and press Ctrl+A to increase the number or Ctrl+X to decrease the number.

  • Ctrl+A to increase the number under cursor
  • Ctrl+X to decrease the number under cursor


Question: I’m getting the following error message in my Vim editor. How do I fix this issue?

E319: Sorry, the command is not available in this version: filetype plugin on


Vi and Vim Editor MRU List for Unix and LinuxAlmost all applications have the ability to display Most Recently Used (MRU) documents.

Vim editor by default does not have this feature. But using MRU.vim plugin, you can use the most recently used (opened and edited) files inside Vim editor as explained below.

This article is part of the on-going Vi / Vim Tips and Tricks series.

This article explains how to install the MRU.vim plugin in 2 easy steps. This also explains about 7 powerful feature of the Most Recently Used Plugin. This will definitely change the way how you use Vim editor.


Combine Vi Editor with Firefox Browser
This article is part of the on-going Vi / Vim Tips and Tricks.  Firefox is the best browser. Vim is the best editor. Wouldn’t be nice if we can combine the best browser (Firefox) with the best editor (Vim)?

In this article let us review how to use the powerful Vim navigation concepts inside Firefox Browser using the Vimperator Firefox add-on. Let us review how to install the vimperator plugin, and 8 Powerful features to make Firefox browser behave like Vim.


Vi and Vim Editor: 12 Powerful Find and Replace Examples

by SathiyaMoorthy on April 27, 2009

Vim Editor Search and Replace Syntax
Photo Courtesy: B Zedan

This article is part of the on-going Vi / Vim Tips and Tricks series. Vim is commonly mentioned as text editor, not text creator. Why ? Because we spend lot of time editing an existing text than creating new text.  In the text editing, text/pattern substitutions becomes a vital part.

In this article, let us review how to perform both basic and advanced text and pattern substitution features in Vi and Vim Editor. These features are explained using 12 very practical and powerful text substitution examples.

Code C Program using Vim Editor
Photo Courtesy: mint imperial

This article is part of the on-going Vi / Vim Tips and Tricks series. As a programmer or system administrator, you will be constantly browsing source codes and shell scripts.

Following are some typical activities that you may perform while browsing a source code file:

  1. Navigating to the function definition by specifying the function name.
  2. Navigating to the function definition from ‘function call’.
  3. Returning back again to function call from the definition.
  4. Viewing the prototype/signature of functions or variables.
  5. Viewing the number of functions in a file, etc.,