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How to Fix Curl TLS SSL Protocol Issue from CLI and PHP Code

Q: On one of our server, the webserver is not setup to support SSLv2 or SSLv3. Both are disabled on the server side. It supports only TLSv1. How can I get curl to work from both command line, and from inside my PHP code? A: In most case, curl will automatically pick the correct protocol [...]


How to Configure MongoDB with PHP for XAMPP on Windows

XAMPP is an open source, easy to use and easy to install stack that contains Apache webserver, MySQL database, PHP compiler and Perl. MongoDB is one of the most widely NoSQL database in market today. We often end up in a situation where we might find it useful to set up mongodb also along with [...]


If you are a developer, it is essential for you to optimize your script early in the development process itself. Following the best practices while coding your PHP script is a good starting point to write a well optimized PHP code. This tutorial provides few tips to optimize PHP code from a developer point of [...]


We don't need to talk much about facebook itself. Let us get straight to it. This tutorial explains how you can develop a basic facebook application using Facebook Open Graph API and PHP SDK. We've also given a sample application code written in PHP using facebook API, which you can use as a starting point [...]


Typically you'll see .php as the extension for PHP files that are served by a webserver. Sometimes you might also have a php file that has an extension other than .php, and in those cases, the webserver might not be able to serve that file. For discussion purpose, let us assume that you have written [...]

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How to Use Redis with PHP using PhpRedis with Examples

Redis is an open source, in-memory advanced key-value store. It is one of the fastest NoSQL database. Moreover, Redis cache store is a more advanced data-structure than memcached service. For using Redis cache, we will have to pick a client. There are many PHP clients listed on its official website out of which phpredis is [...]


In PHP you can manipulate image files using GD library. It support several formats including GIF, PNG, JPEG, etc. You can use LibGD library to stream images directly from your application to the browser. This tutorial explains how to enable GD functionality in PHP. First, download the LibJPG files from here. Or, you can use [...]


To connect to RabbitMQ message queue server, you can write your client program using various programming languages. Currently you can write client using C#, erlang, java, perl, PHP, python, and ruby. This tutorial explains how to install and configure RabbitMQ client library and AMQP PHP extension. Once you get AMQP PHP extension installed, you can [...]