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To connect to RabbitMQ message queue server, you can write your client program using various programming languages. Currently you can write client using C#, erlang, java, perl, PHP, python, and ruby. This tutorial explains how to install and configure RabbitMQ client library and AMQP PHP extension. Once you get AMQP PHP extension installed, you can [...]


Question: I have a php script on my server that can be execute from the command line and also can be accessed from the browser using Apache web server. I would like to execute execute this php script every 1 hour. How do I schedule this as php cron job on Linux environment. Answer: Use [...]


Previously we discussed about how to install Apache and PHP from source. Installing LAMP stack from source will give you full control to configure different parameters. Installing LAMP stack using yum is very easy and takes only minutes. This is a good option for beginners who don’t feel comfortable installing from source. Also, Installing LAMP [...]