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Around The Geek World – Dec 2008

[Around The Geek World]Around The Geek World is a monthly summary of interesting articles and news around the geek world with my brief comments.

List of Web’s Worst Predictions: Probably the worst prediction ever is “Computers aren’t for home use” – In 1977, Ken Olsen, the president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp (DEC). No wonder DEC was not successful.

Mac Vs PC (Transformers Movie Version) – Probably you’ve seen lot of Mac Vs PC clips. This one is simply awesome. Must Watch.

Which Top Apps Have the Most Security Holes? – According to this list Firefox is on the top with higher number of vulnerabilities. In my opinion, this is a good thing for firefox, as this indicates that there is a huge user base, who are testing and reporting all the vulnerabilities of firefox, which will be fixed by the huge developer base of firefox.

Where has my disk space gone? – Disk space is never enough – both at home and work. Before you decided to buy additional disk space, use the tools mentioned in this article to figure out what is taking up the existing disk space. I love JDiskReport.

Teacher threatens to call the cops over Linux – There are still lot of people out there who just don’t understand Linux. This case is really bad, as this is a school teacher. What a Pity!.

Blurred Out: 51 Things You Aren’t Allowed to See on Google Maps – Just check it out yourself from the google maps.

Linux Ported to iPhone – I love Linux and use it all the times. But, Why should someone run Linux on iPhone? This project is still in the early stage.

50 Skills Every Real Geek Should Have – This list is not only for Geeks, few skills listed here is a must for everybody who uses computers  (including my Gradma).

My Job Interview at Google – If you ever get a job interview at Google, be prepared for it. Read the detailed job interview experience of Peteris.

Ultimate List of all Firefox Tab Extensions – This articles talks about all the best Tab related extensions for firefox. You’ll definitely find few extensions that suites your taste.

Open Source eBooks for Linux – Excellent collection of all Linux related eBooks.

Following are some of the “Top 10 of 2008” articles for the geeks.


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