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C Programming

3 C Program Examples to Create a File with Data

This tutorial explains how to create a file from a C program. In these examples, we’ll create new HTML files and write some content to it. The content of the file will be different, but these three C example program should explain you how to use the c file functions like fopen, fprintf, etc., to [...]

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In C programming, variadic function will contribute to the flexibility of the program that you are developing. To understand this flexibility, let us start with a basic example. If we like to add two numbers, we might write a code like this: int addNumbers( int nNumberOne, int nNumberTwo ) { return nNumberOne + nNumberTwo; }. [...]


The GNU Binary Utilities, usually called as binutils, is a collection of development tools that handle assembly files, object files, and libraries. The new generation of programming languages that came in the last few years are really masking the functionality of these utilities, as they happen in the background. So, many developers are not exposed [...]


C Program Example to Generate Cluster of Dots

In this tutorial, we would write an example C program that will create a file which will serve as producer of testing data. In another words, we will create an application in C, and your task is to input the number of clusters, number of dots for each of those clusters, and then to generate [...]


When you start writing your code in C, C++ or any other programming language, your first objective might be to write a program that works. After you accomplished that, the following are few things you should consider to enhance your program. Security of the program Memory consumption Speed of the program (Performance Improvement) This article [...]


Wireshark is an open source network packet analyzer. It can capture, dissect, and decode various protocols. This helps Linux sysadmin to troubleshoot network issues. Apart from using wirehshark as a standlone application for debugging network packets, you can also write your own extension or plugin using wireshark libraries for your custom application. This tutorial explains [...]


If you try to solve some combination problem in programming using simple combination approach where you check all possible variations with repetition or permutations of some kind, you would realize that you would have way too many tries that are not necessary. You should reduce the poll of possible candidates as much as you can, [...]


Dynamic programming approach was developed by Richard Bellman in 1940s. It was an attempt to create the best solution for some class of optimization problems, in which we find a best solution from smaller sub problems. This approach is recognized in both math and programming, but our focus will be more from programmers point of [...]