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C++ Programming

In C++, the most common type of inheritance is public. The public type of inheritance is used in order to broaden the parent class with some functionalities or some data members. This type of public inheritance is sometimes called the ” is “, as the parent class and the child class are of the same [...]


How to Use C++ STL Queue with an Example Program

If you stand in a queue at a grocery store (or anywhere else), the first customer in the queue will be served, and then the next, and so on. In programming terminology, especially in data structure, this concept is called FIFO (first in first out) queue. In C++, Queue is an important part of a [...]

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The GNU Binary Utilities, usually called as binutils, is a collection of development tools that handle assembly files, object files, and libraries. The new generation of programming languages that came in the last few years are really masking the functionality of these utilities, as they happen in the background. So, many developers are not exposed [...]


3 Example Programs to Understand C++ STL Stack Implementation

What is a stack? In our daily life, we may see several items in a stack. For example: stack of dishes, pancakes stacked on a plate, stones on a stick for Hanoi tower problem, stack of chairs, stack of books, etc. In programming language, stack is a data structure that has few interesting properties. Its [...]


How to Use Friend Modifier in C++ with Example Code

You would consider someone as your friend, if you trust him/her and thereafter you would grant your friend some higher level of privilege. Some might say a friend of your friend is also your friend. But, as we will see that is not that case in C++. In C++, you should exactly state who you [...]


Introduction to C++11 and C++14 with Example Code Snippet

Whether you’ve been using C++ for a while, or a newbie to programming, you still have to understand the basic details about C++11. C++ programming language is based on C programming, which has been connected to UNIX from it’s beginning. Creator of C is Dennis Richie. C++ has added many object oriented features on top [...]


How to use Smart Pointers in C++ with Example Code

In C and C++ programming, pointers are very powerful. As we explained in C pointers example article, pointers are variables that hold address of another variable so that we can do various operations on that variable. Sometimes a programmer can’t imagine writing a code without using pointers, whether it is a simple binary search tree [...]


When you start writing your code in C, C++ or any other programming language, your first objective might be to write a program that works. After you accomplished that, the following are few things you should consider to enhance your program. Security of the program Memory consumption Speed of the program (Performance Improvement) This article [...]