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Synergy is an open source network utility which can be used to share one keyboard and mouse with multiple systems. Synergy utility works on client-server model. The system whose keyboard and mouse you want to share, runs the synergy server service (synergys), and all the other systems runs the synergy client service (synergyc) to connect [...]


AppArmor is a Mandatory Access Control or MAC system. It uses Linux Security Module to restrict programs. AppArmor sets up a collection of default application profiles to protect Linux services. You can also protect any other applications running on your system by creating profile files yourself. In Ubuntu, AppArmor is installed and enabled by default. [...]


In Linux, while typing a command if you press TAB twice, it would list all available commands that starts with typed characters. This is nothing new, probably you already know about this. This functionality is called bash completion. The basic file and directory name completion are available by default in bash command line. But, we [...]


4 Methods to Take Screenshot Capture in Ubuntu Linux

Screenshot is an image taken by a computer to capture the visible items on the monitor or any other output devices. There are several ways of taking screenshots in Linux. In this article, we will cover few tools that are used for taking screenshots. 1. Use Print Screen This is the most common method to [...]


Top 7 Ubuntu Desktop Backup Software

As you already know, it is very critical to take backup of your system on an on-going basis. If you are using Ubuntu desktop, depending on your requirement, you can use any one of the following software to perform backup. Play around with these and pick the one that satisfies your need. 1. Pybackpack This [...]


Question: I changed the password of my Ubuntu account from System -> Preferences -> About me. After this change password, anytime I login using the new password, my wireless doesn’t connect automatically. Instead, it prompts me a dialogue “Enter password to unlock your login keyring”, and I have to enter my old login password to [...]


sbackup stands for simple backup. sbackup is a backup utility for GNOME desktop. The user interface is simple, intuitive and has several advanced features to satisfy most of your typical Linux desktop backup needs. If you need a very simple and straight forward backup GUI tool for Ubuntu, check out pybackpack that we discussed earlier. [...]


If you are looking for a easy way to backup your files and folders on your Ubuntu desktop, use Pybackpack GNOME graphical user interface backup tool. Pybackpack stands for “Python Backpack”. This uses rdiff-backup in the backend to take the backup. When you execute the rdiff-backup for the 1st time, it takes a full backup, [...]