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3 Websites To Identify Public IP Address of Your Internet Connection and ISP Details

Question: How do I find out the public IP address of my internet connection? Also, how do I find out who is my Internet Service Provider?

Answer: You can get your ip address and other ISP information using any one of the 3 websites mentioned below.

Note: Also, refer to our earlier article about how to identify your internet upload and download speed.

Website 1: GeoTool

Go to geotool website, which will display your current location in Google map along with IP address and following key information.

  • IP address
  • Service Prodiver Details (ISP)
  • Hostname
  • Country Name
  • Local Time

You can click on the IP address and Hostname value, which will display the WHOIS information details.

If you want to view details of some other public ip address or host-name (i.e not the ip address of your current internet), you can manually enter those in the text-box provided at the bottom of that website.

Website 2: IP Details

Go to the IP-details.com website, which will show your location in Google map along with the other details such as IP address, service prodiver, Hostname, country name, Region and so on.

Website 3: System Details

Go to System Details website, which will displays following information about your internet connection. This site also displays information about your web browser and operating system.

  • Your Ip-address
  • Your ISP Name
  • Reverse DNS (PTR)
  • Location
  • Speed (whether it is broadband or dial-up)
  • Type (Residencial or Commercial).
  • Information about whether you are behind proxy server or not.

This website also gives a ISP comparision chart (an example shown below) from where you can see how your ISP compares with other ISP providers in your area.

Fig: Compare your-ISP Vs other-ISP in your area

Fig: Compare your-ISP Vs other-ISP in your area

Do you use any other methods to identify the public ip-address and ISP details of your internet connection? Leave a comment.

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