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Top 5 Best Free Software

Top 5 Free Software for Windows XPIn the Linux world, everything is free including operating system and desktop applications like Open Office. There are also thousands of open source free applications available for Linux.

In the Windows world, everything has a price tag including operating system and desktop applications like Microsoft Word. There are also thousands of commercial applications that you can purchase for additional dollars.

You can still get high quality FREE software for Windows that cost you absolutely nothing. The challenge is to find that high quality free software.

top5freeware.com – New Windows Freeware Blog

I’m very happy to announce my next blog top5freeware.com, where I’ll be posting top 5 high quality freeware on every possible category for Windows operating system with my review and ratings on an on-going basis.

I’ll do all the grunt work of researching and give you only the top 5 absolutely best free software for Windows in a specific category. All you have to do is just pick the #1 software from the top 5 list. If the #1 doesn’t suite your taste, you will definitely find one that suites your taste from the top 5 list.

I’ve posted Top 5 Best AntiVirus Software For Windows as my first post. I’ll be posting one post every week with Top 5 freeware on a specific category in Windows OS.

If you are using Windows OS at home or work, consider subscribing to the top5freeware.com blog and don’t miss any of the awesome free software.

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Upcoming Posts on top5freeware.com

Following are few of the upcoming posts on top5freeware.com

  • Five Best All-In-One Instant Messenger Software
  • Top 5 Awesome Free Chess Games for Windows
  • Top 5 Free Text Editors for Windows
  • Top 5 Awesome Free Windows Registry Cleanup Tools
  • Many more great posts like these will be posted on an on-going basis..
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