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How to Change HostName and IP-Address in CentOS / RedHat Linux

You can use any one of the following methods to change the hostname and/or ip-address on RedHat related distributions. If you want to change only the hostname you can either do it from command line, or from GUI as explained below. To change the ip-address along with the hostname, follow the steps shown below. I. [...]


Get Your Access to Linux Sysadmin CentOS 6 Course

Linux provides several powerful administrative tools and utilities which will help you to manage your systems effectively. If you don’t know what these tools are and how to use them, you could be spending lot of time trying to perform even the basic administrative tasks. The focus of this course is to help you understand [...]


We are starting a new series on CouchDB. This the first article in the CouchDB series. CouchDB is an Apache project. Just like the name suggest it is a database. CouchDB is a NoSQL database. NoSQL databases doesn’t have any schema, tables, etc, that you’ll typically see in a traditional databases like Oracle or MySQL. [...]


Question: How do I enable EPEL repository on CentOS so that I can install additional packages directly using yum command? Answer: EPEL stands for Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux. EPEL is maintained as part of the Fedora project that maintains several packages that are not part of the standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux (or CentOS). [...]