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BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy. BLE is relatively newer technology compared to the classic Bluetooth we have come to know in recent years in terms of development and internal operation. Also, BLE is not backwards compatible with classic Bluetooth. Hence, most device manufacturers couple classic and BLE on a single chip to allow users [...]


The next hands-on sysadmin workshop is here. This time it will be 2 full days of hands-on training, where you’ll be working on several lab exercises on a Linux system. This workshop is for newbies or intermediate users of Linux who would like to become proficient in Linux system administration. Wide range of essential sysadmin [...]


Happy 6th Birthday to The Geek Stuff

TGS is 6 years old now. My daughter Diya doesn’t forget this occasion, as it is time for her to celebrate the birthday of her special toy friend. Of all the stuffed toy animals she has, Penguin is her favorite. She has named her friend “Penguinee”. This year, she also added a “Baby Penguin” to [...]


Javascript is a powerful scripting language for developing dynamic web pages. While it has always been a powerful client side scripting language, it has also evolved as a server side scripting language with the introduction of Chrome V8 engine based Node.js javascript framework. For some, Javascript is serving as a one stop solution for both [...]


While processing large set of data, we should definitely address scalability and efficiency in the application code that is processing the large amount of data. Map reduce algorithm (or flow) is highly effective in handling big data. Let us take a simple example and use map reduce to solve a problem. Say you are processing [...]


How to Debug Programs on Remote Server using GDBServer Example

Remote debugging is the process of debugging a program running on a different system (called target) from a different system (called host). To start remote debugging, a debugger running on host machine connects to a program which is running on the target via network. The debugger in the host can then control the execution of [...]


What is a Cloud? Depending on who you are talking to, you’ll get different answers to this question. A technically savvy end-user might define cloud as the ability to store and access personal or business data on-demand, over the internet, without having to store it locally. A business might define cloud as an IT infrastructure [...]


If you need to store your pictures, or videos, or documents on the cloud, there are lot of options. Pretty much all the cloud providers offer a free plan that gives decent amount of space, and if you need more you can upgrade to their paid plan. But, depending on your need, for most typical [...]