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How to Install Gulp.js as Build and Task Automation Tool

Gulp.js is a Node.js based build and task automation tool. This is similar to Grunt.js: Intro to Grunt with Install, Configure and Build Javascript Projects Gulp.js has been adopted by developers because of its stream based approach of getting the tasks done rather than the configuration based approach followed by Grunt.js. Stream based approach made [...]


As we discussed earlier, using grunt, during your development process, you can execute tasks automatically in the background. This is helpful in web and mobile UI development process where html, css and javascript are part of the tech stack. This article covers this specific example scenario: Anytime you modify a css file in your development [...]

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What is Grunt? Grunt is a command line task runner; i.e a build tool. Grunt is supposed to be used with node.js installation. It is built on top of node. Grunt is available as a package at npm repository. Two Purpose of Grunt The major purpose of Grunt is automation. The following are two main [...]