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Babel will transform your javascript code from one format (or version) to another. In this regard, Babel is a transpiler. A Transpiler is a compiler which will transform source code from one version/language to another version/language. The latest version of Javascript implementation standard is ECMAScript ES7 (which is also known as ECMAScript 2016). Prior to [...]


How to Install Gulp.js as Build and Task Automation Tool

Gulp.js is a Node.js based build and task automation tool. This is similar to Grunt.js: Intro to Grunt with Install, Configure and Build Javascript Projects Gulp.js has been adopted by developers because of its stream based approach of getting the tasks done rather than the configuration based approach followed by Grunt.js. Stream based approach made [...]


5 Simple Steps to Develop a jQuery Plugin

If you are a developer, while developing an interactive web application, you may find yourself writing similar (or same) code over and over again. In these situations, the need for reusability arise. At the same time you may also face scoping and namespacing issues. Similarly, there are many other cases where you need a portable [...]


Angular.js is a client-side javascript framework developed and maintained by Google. It is a MVW ( Model View Whatever ) framework. It gives us the flexibility to choose the design pattern that we want to use in our web application. It is introduced to make static html dynamic. In other words, it updates the view [...]

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What is Grunt? Grunt is a command line task runner; i.e a build tool. Grunt is supposed to be used with node.js installation. It is built on top of node. Grunt is available as a package at npm repository. Two Purpose of Grunt The major purpose of Grunt is automation. The following are two main [...]


How to Debug Javascript Code using Browser Console API

When compared to other programming languages, debugging Javascript requires a different approach as we use our browser as a development environment. In other languages, you can catch lot of the issues in the IDE itself during development process. In javascript, debugging is easier when you follow the best practices during development. The following are some [...]


Design pattern generally solves few typical programming challenges and makes it more scalable, reusable and meaningful. It provides a generalized solution for frequently encountered problems, which typically tends to increase the total number of lines of code a program has to write. The following are few benefits of understanding and using Design Patterns: Modular code [...]