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How to Configure MongoDB with PHP for XAMPP on Windows

XAMPP is an open source, easy to use and easy to install stack that contains Apache webserver, MySQL database, PHP compiler and Perl. MongoDB is one of the most widely NoSQL database in market today. We often end up in a situation where we might find it useful to set up mongodb also along with [...]


MongoDB is one of the most popular NoSQL database. Unlike traditional SQL database, you don’t need to define a schema. The schema is embedded in the data document itself, making it easy for you to change the schema at anytime without worrying about changing any of the previous documents that are loaded. If you are [...]


How to Setup MongoDB Replication Using Replica Set and Arbiters

If you are running MongoDB on production environment it is essential that you setup a real time replication of your primary instance. Using replica set, you can also scale horizontally and distribute the read load across multiple mongodb nodes. This tutorial explains in detail on how to setup MongoDB replication. You can setup mongodb replication [...]


Most of you are already familiar with SQL database, and have a good knowledge on either MySQL, Oracle, or other SQL databases. In the last several years, NoSQL database is getting widely adopted to solve various business problems. It is helpful to understand the difference between SQL and NoSQL database, and some of available NoSQL [...]


How to Monitor MongoDB using Nagios check_mongodb Python Plugin

When you are running MongoDB in production environment, it is essential to monitor MongoDB to make sure it is up and running properly. If you are already using Nagios for your enterprise monitoring, you can monitor MongoDB using plugins. check_mongodb is a Nagios plugin written in Python to monitor various areas of MongoDB database. This [...]


How to Backup and Restore MongoDB using mongodump and mongorestore

mongodump is an useful tool to backup Mongo database. Apart from taking a cold backup, it can also take hot backup. i.e You can connect to a running instance of MongoDB and take a backup even when users are using the database. mongorestore is an useful tool to restore the MongoDB backup that was taken [...]


How to Install MongoDB from Source (and using YUM) on Linux

The name MongoDB was derived from Humongous DB. It is an open source NoSQL database. MongoDB is developed and commercially supported by the company 10gen. The focus of the MongoDB is on scalability and performance. MongoDB is a schema-free document-oriented database. This stores data as JSON objects. Unlike traditional SQL database, you don’t need to [...]