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Top 25 Best Linux Performance Monitoring and Debugging Tools

I’ve compiled 25 performance monitoring and debugging tools that will be helpful when you are working on Linux environment. This list is not comprehensive or authoritative by any means. However this list has enough tools for you to play around and pick the one that is suitable your specific debugging and monitoring scenario. 1. SAR [...]


7 Strace Examples to Debug the Execution of a Program in Linux

Strace is a debugging tool that will help you troubleshoot issues. Strace monitors the system calls and signals of a specific program. It is helpful when you do not have the source code and would like to debug the execution of a program. strace provides you the execution sequence of a binary from start to [...]


How to Monitor and Log Network Traffic on Linux Using vnStat

This article is part of our on-going performance monitoring series of articles. In this article, let us focus on how to monitor network traffic and log them for later analysis using vnstat utility. vnstat is a command line utility that displays and logs network traffic of the interfaces on your systems. This depends on the [...]


This article provides a total of 24 examples on iostat, vmstat, and mpstat commands. iostat reports CPU, disk I/O, and NFS statistics. vmstat reports virtual memory statistics. mpstat reports processors statictics. This article is part of our ongoing Linux performance monitoring series. Please note that iostat and vmstat are part of the sar utility. You [...]