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Lists in Python language can be compared to arrays in Java but they are different in many other aspects. Lists are used in almost every program written in Python. In this tutorial we will understand Python lists through practical examples. We will cover the following in this article : How to define a list How [...]


Dictionary in python consists of keys and their values. This article is part of our ongoing series on python. In the first article of the series, we explained how to use variables, strings and functions in python. In this tutorial, we’ll understand the basics of python dictionaries with examples. 1. Create a Python Dictionary Here [...]


Python is an object oriented language with can be used in both scripting and non scripting contexts. Python has clean and easy syntax that makes it easy to read. In this article, we will understand python language from scratch through examples. We will often compare Python programming features/syntax with some popular languages like C/C++. Also, [...]