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20 Zypper Command Examples to Manage Packages on SUSE Linux

yum is for CentOS and Redhat. apt-get is for Debian and Ubuntu. In the same way, zypper is for SUSE Linux. Zypper is a command line tool for package management in OpenSUSE and SUSE Enterprise Linux platforms. On a high-level, you can manage two different things using zypper command: Manage Packages: Zypper is used to [...]


How to Create Filesystem Snapshots using Snapper Command on Linux

Snapper is a Linux command-line tool to create and manage snapshots of your filesystems. Using snapper command, you can create read-only snapshots. You can use these snapshots to restore specific files or all files during any disaster situation. You can also use it to compare multiple snapshots and revert back to a specific old snapshots. [...]