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Apache Tomcat is an open source Java server. You need Tomcat when you want to deploy and execute a Java application that is written in any of the Java technologies including Java Servlet, JSP, etc. This tutorial explains how to install the latest Apache Tomcat version 9.x on Linux platform Pre-req: Install Java 8 For [...]


JMeter is a desktop application that can be used to perform functional testing and load testing. While the JMeter application itself is designed as pure Java application, it can be used to perform load testing of any kind of web application, including those that are written in PHP, .NET, etc. The original intent of the [...]


How to Install BIRT Viewer Runtime for Apache Tomcat in Linux

BIRT is an open source reporting engine that is based on Java technology. This is one of Eclipse top level project. The following are two major components of BIRT: BIRT Report Designer – You can design rich reports using this designer UI from Eclipse. The report design is stored in an XML format. BIRT Viewer [...]


How to Hide Apache Tomcat Version Number from Error Pages

Question: I’m running Apache Tomacat server. How do I hide the Tomcat version number from the error pages? Answer: Apache Tomcat server is for Java Servlet and JSP. When you call a page that doesn’t exist in the tomcat server, or when an existing page returns an error, the tomcat server will display the version [...]


How to Install Apache Solr with Tomcat on Linux

Apache Solr is an open source text search server. It is based on the Apache Lucene search libraries. Solr does full-text search, highlight the hits, near real-time indexing. It has an extremely scalable search infrastructure that provides replication, load-balanced search query, and automatic failover. This can get the input data that needs to be indexed [...]