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Plink stands for PuTTY Link. Plink is a companion command-line utility for PuTTY. On a very high-level: Use PuTTY for interactive SSH session from your Windows to Linux Servers Use Plink for non-interactive SSH session to execute remote linux commands for automation purpose from your Windows In this tutorial, we’ll discuss the following: Launch plink [...]


5 Code Sign Examples and How to Install SignTool EXE on Windows

If you are a Linux sysadmin or a developer, you probably already know how to create and sign a SSL certificate for your webserver. But, if your corporate environment also has some Windows servers and applications, you may end-up in a situation, where you may have to digitally sign Windows files. The process of digitally [...]


On Windows platform, most remote desktop application does not behave kindly for special keys. Microsoft’s mstsc forwards special keys to the remote machine when window is maximized. Realvnc does a little better job, where you can configured it to leave special keys to local machine. So, the main problem is that we can use Alt-Tab [...]


How to Configure MongoDB with PHP for XAMPP on Windows

XAMPP is an open source, easy to use and easy to install stack that contains Apache webserver, MySQL database, PHP compiler and Perl. MongoDB is one of the most widely NoSQL database in market today. We often end up in a situation where we might find it useful to set up mongodb also along with [...]


As a Linux Sysadmin, you might still find yourself managing few Windows Servers. In those situations, instead of using the Windows GUI for administration, you might find it interesting to install and configure Windows Services from command line. In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to install AD (Active Directory) on Windows 2012 Core Servers using [...]


As a Linux Sysadmin, you might still end-up dealing with few Windows Servers. One essential sysadmin tasks on Windows Server is to install and configure AD. Typically, we use the DCPROMO.exe command in Windows server 2003/2008 to install the Active directory services. But, in Windows server 2012, Microsoft has removed DCPROM.exe command and redirected the [...]


How to Record Audio and Save as MP3 File using Audacity

Audacity is an open source software for manipulating audio. The following are few important features of audacity: Record live audio Playback recorded audio/sound files Edit sound files by cut, copy & paste. Convert audio from one format to another Apart from Linux you can also install Audacity on Windows and Mac OS X. This article [...]


Most of us might not be aware that there is a Windows Core version, which has only command-line without any GUI. This core version relatively provides high level of security, as all GUI interface are removed, which also increases the performance of the system. This might be helpful if you are running Windows server. Up [...]