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Chef and Ansible Workshop

[Chef and Ansible Workshop]This is a hands-on introduction training workshop on Chef and Ansible.

Managing multiple servers manually in your organization can be time consuming, and extremely difficult. This will lead to lot of challenges including inconsistent configurations across your enterprise, inability to quickly configure new servers, inability to dynamically scale-up as the workload increases, etc.

To tackle the complexities of DevOps, it is essential that you use an deployment automation tool.

When you use an automation tool, like Chef or Ansible, your infrastructure deployment will be faster, scalable, and consistent.

When you turn your IT infrastructure into a code, then you can deploy it anywhere (in-house, cloud, or hybrid) anytime.

The workshop will focus on implementing Chef and Ansible on CentOS 7 server

Since CentOS is based on Red Hat, everything mentioned in this workshop will also work on Red Hat.

However, what is covered in this workshop will pretty much work on most Linux distros, as these steps are standard for Linux in general.

Workshop Date and Location
Note: The next workshop will be scheduled soon. If you are interested, please use this contact form to reach-out to me.

What is Covered in this Workshop?

The following are the various topics that are covered in this hands-on workshop.

Each lab module will have hands-on exercises that you’ll be performing on a live CentOS 7server.

  • Install and configure Chef server and workstation
  • Manage individual remote nodes using Chef server
  • Create custom Chef cookbooks and recipes with several practical examples
  • Chef management console, Knife commands, etc.
  • Install and configure Ansible server
  • Manage individual remote nodes using Ansible server
  • Create custom Ansible playbooks and tasks with several practical examples
  • If time permits, we’ll also be covering some advanced Chef and Ansible topics
What is the Workshop Format?

This is a live workshop that you can attend only by being present in the classroom. You cannot attend this workshop remotely.

During the workshop, each participants will be assigned a separate live CentOS 7 server with root access, where participants will install and configure Chef and Ansible. Each participants also will be assigned extra servers which will be used as nodes which will be managed from Chef and Ansible server.

This will be an interactive workshop with high-level explanation on every module followed by lab exercises.

For every module, I’ll first teach you the concepts of that particular module using presentation slides, which will immediately be followed by hands-on lab exercise for that module performed by you on a live server.

This workshop will be non-stop all day hands-on exercise. As you already know the best way to learn is to do it yourself hands-on by following a well structured and organized lab exercises.

What Materials do You Get?

After the workshop is over, you’ll take home the following materials:

  • All presentation slides used during the training
  • All lab exercises in PDF format.
  • Course completion certification in PDF format
Who Should Attend this Workshop?

This workshop is for newbies who have no experience or very limited experience on Chef and/or Ansible. This workshop will provide you a strong foundation on Chef and Ansible, which will help to get started in implementing it in your organization.

This workshop is for Developers, DBAs, Administrators, IT Managers, or just someone who is responsible for IT infrastructure, or automation, or deployment of any sort.

How to Register for the Workshop?

The investment you’ll make on this hands-on instructor guided workshop will change the way how you manage your servers, application configurations, and deployments. You’ll not fear writing quick chef recipes or ansible playbooks to manage your deployment and automation activities.

Note: The next workshop will be scheduled soon. If you are interested, please use this contact form to reach-out to me.