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Free eBook: Linux 101 Hacks

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Follow the 3 easy steps mentioned below to get PDF version of Linux 101 Hacks Free Book.

STEP 1: Subscribe to The Geek Stuff

Enter your email address and click on Subscribe.

STEP 2: Get the password to download the Book

  • You’ll get an email with the subject — “Activate your Email Subscription to: The Geek Stuff”. Please click on the link in that email to confirm your subscription. Once you’ve confirmed your subscription, you should start receiving the future post via email.
  • When the next article is posted on this blog, you’ll get an email with the article. I post article on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Get the password from the bottom of the next email that you will receive,  where it says: “Linux 101 Hacks eBook Password: ******

STEP 3: Download the free eBook

Once you have the password go to the following URL and enter your password to get the book.

Download Page URL: Linux 101 Hacks Book Download Page