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Diagnose Hardware

Photo courtesy of viagallery.com This is a guest post written by SathiyaMoorthy. lshw (Hardware Lister) command gives a comprehensive report about all hardware in your system. This displays detailed information about manufacturer, serial number of the system, motherboard, CPU, RAM, PCI cards, disks, network card etc., Using lshw, you can get information about the hardware [...]


OMSA is a web based application to manage DELL PowerEdge Servers. Using OMSA you can perform proactive system monitoring, system diagnosis, troubleshoot hardware issues and configure RAID etc., You can also view and manage hardware’s embedded system management (ESM) log using OMSA. This is an jumpstart guide that explains how to install Dell OMSA on [...]


How To Diagnose Memory (Hardware) Issues on DELL Servers

Sometimes it may be necessary to find out whether there are any issues with the memory or other hardware components on a server. Typically it is recommended to perform this kind of test on a server before deploying for production usage. DELL has provided few tools to perform hardware diagnostics on DELL Servers. Let us [...]