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Question: How do I set multiple home pages in firefox? i.e I would like to open more than one website automatically when the firefox starts. Answer: Please follow the steps mentioned below to open multiple tabs in Firefox during startup. Step 1: Go to Firefox Options Window Go to: Tools menu -> Option menu-item -> [...]


Ubuntu Tips: How To Fix Firefox Slow Scrolling Problem

Question: Firefox 3 is very slow on my Ubuntu. How do I fix it? Some of the symptoms are — Scrolling on a web page is very sluggish, running flash on Firefox is slow, watching YouTube videos on Firefox is slow. Answer: Try one of the following suggestions, which may solve the Firefox running slow [...]


Question: How do I open Firefox browser (or any application) automatically when I login to Ubuntu or Kubuntu ? Answer: In gnome you can do this by using the gnome-control-center (or) directly from the “Startup Application Preferences” as explained in this article. Step 1: Go to “Startup Application Preferences” in Ubuntu Go to System -> [...]


Like most of you, I’m a huge fan of Firefox and use it intensively both at home and work. There are lot of useful add-ons available for Firefox, which makes customizing the browser very easy. A while back we discussed about 7 Essential Firefox Security add-ons that will help you browse the internet securely.   [...]


Photo courtesy of markstrange We see celebrities, politicians and famous people cruise around with bodyguards to protect themselves and their possessions from various threats. While most of us cannot afford such kind of protection when we cruise the streets, we can at least have that kind of protection when we cruise the internet. I have [...]