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Ubuntu Tips and Tricks

Customize Your Ubuntu Laptop Appearance with Themes

Ubuntu by default comes with a very decent theme, back ground image, and font. However if you are bored with the default Ubuntu appearance, you can change those as explained in this article. This article explains how to change Ubuntu Themes, background images, fonts and visual beeps. 1. How To Change Ubuntu Themes Theme changes [...]


Ubuntu Tips: How To Fix Firefox Slow Scrolling Problem

Question: Firefox 3 is very slow on my Ubuntu. How do I fix it? Some of the symptoms are — Scrolling on a web page is very sluggish, running flash on Firefox is slow, watching YouTube videos on Firefox is slow. Answer: Try one of the following suggestions, which may solve the Firefox running slow [...]


Question: How do I open Firefox browser (or any application) automatically when I login to Ubuntu or Kubuntu ? Answer: In gnome you can do this by using the gnome-control-center (or) directly from the “Startup Application Preferences” as explained in this article. Step 1: Go to “Startup Application Preferences” in Ubuntu Go to System -> [...]


Question: How to enable automatic login in Ubuntu or Kubuntu ? Answer: You can enable auto login in Ubuntu using the following 3 simple steps. Please understand that it is not security best practices to enable the automatic login. Do this only if you are in a controlled environment and very confident that nobody will [...]