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HP-UX: How to Install or Remove DEPOT Packages Using swinstall and swremove

Question: I would like to know how to install, uninstall, verify depot packages on HP Unix. Can you explain me with an example?

Answer: Use swinstall to install a depot package. Use swremove to remove a depot package as explained below.

Install a DEPOT on HP-UX using swinstall

swinstall command installs software from a software source (a depot or physical media) to your local host. swinstall command invokes GUI, the following steps has to be done to complete the installations.

1. Select the target location

2. Select the source

3. Select the depot file to install as shown in the figure.

4. Mark the software for installation.

5. Press ‘m’ to mark the software for installation

6. Install the software. Go to Actions, and select install to install the package.

7. Analysis – It will perform the analysis process.

8. Installation of software – It will install the software.

You can verify your installation using swlist @target.

$ swlist @/tmp
# Contacting target "mac13"...
# Target:  mac13:/tmp

# No Bundle(s) on mac13:/tmp
# Product(s):

  tcltk         8.5.7          tcltk

Uninstalling a Depot on HP-UX using swremove

swremove is the command to uninstall the depot package.

swremove packagename @target
where target is the location you gave during installation.
$ swremove tcltk @/tmp
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