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Registration Now Open: 2-Day Linux Sysadmin Workshop in Los Angeles

The first hands-on Linux sysadmin workshop for this year is here.

I’m excited to announce that the registration for the Los Angeles Linux Sysadmin workshop is now open.

Workshop Date and Location

Workshop Format

During the Linux Sysadmin training, each participants will be assigned a separate live CentOS 7 server with root access, where you’ll perform all the lab exercises.

We’ll be covering all essential aspects of Linux sysadmin including security, filesystem storage, backup, system monitoring/performance, etc, which are covered in a well designed 10 different lab modules, which has several hands-on exercises for every module.

This will be an interactive workshop with high-level explanation on every module followed by lab exercises.

For every module, I’ll first teach you the concepts of that particular module using presentation slides, which will immediately be followed by hands-on lab exercises for that module performed by you on a live server.

This workshop will be a non-stop all day hands-on experience. As you already know, the best way to learn is to do it yourself hands-on by following a well structured and organized lab exercises, which is taught by an expert.

Register Now

Register for the workshop before Feb 11th to take advantage of the $300 early bird discount.

The investment you make for this 2 full days of hands-on instructor guided workshop will change the way how you work on Linux systems forever. You’ll not fear performing sysadmin activities ever again.


To keep the classroom size manageable, and to make sure every participants of the workshop gets the maximum out of the hands-on lab exercises, I’ll be accepting only limited number of participants for this workshop. So, register early to confirm your place in the workshop.

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