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15 EMC Navisphere CLI Command Examples with NaviSecCLI

Navisphere CLI is a command line interface tool for EMC storage system management. You can use it for storage provisioning and manage array configurations from any one of the managed storage system on the LAN. It can also be used to automate the management functions through shell scripts and batch files. CLI commands for many [...]


When you are working with EMC support, or any other EMC vendors, they’ll ask for SP collect information from your EMC CLARiiON storage array. The spcollect zip file will provide them all the information they need to know about your storage array. This tutorial explains how to execute SP collect on EMC storage array from [...]


When you are reorganizing disks or LUNs or RAID groups, you might want to sometime drop few existing LUNs (and RAID Groups) to create a bigger LUN. We’ve already explained how to create a new RAID Group and LUN. In this article, let us review how to delete an existing LUN (and RAID Group). First, if a [...]


This article explains how to create new Raid Group and bind LUN using Navisphere GUI on a EMC CLARiiON storage array. 1. Login to Navisphere Login to Navisphere -> expand the tree, select “RAID Groups” -> Right mouse-click and select “Create Raid Group”. 2. Create Raid Group This will display the following “Create RAID Group” [...]


If your server has two HBA cards connected to EMC SAN storage device, you can implement load-balancing, and fail-over on the HBA cards using the EMC PowerPath software. Powermt management utility helps you manage I/O paths from the server to the EMC storage device. In this article, let us discuss how to use powermt command [...]


How To Install and Configure EMC PowerPath on Linux

Question: How do I install and configure EMC Powerpath software on Linux environment? Answer: Before you start EMC powerpath installation and configuration, make sure HBA cards are installed on the server and Fiber channel switches are zoned properly. 1. Install EMC Powerpath on Linux Download the Powerpath software from EMC powerlink website. If you’ve purchased [...]