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Babel will transform your javascript code from one format (or version) to another. In this regard, Babel is a transpiler. A Transpiler is a compiler which will transform source code from one version/language to another version/language. The latest version of Javascript implementation standard is ECMAScript ES7 (which is also known as ECMAScript 2016). Prior to [...]


How to Deploy Node.js Script on Linux Using Upstart and Monit

Node.js is a server-side scripting and Javascript framework. This runs on top of Chrome V8 Engine. What makes it different is that the application developed using node can be seen as a server responding to your request. When scripting using node.js, we are creating a http server which keeps on responding to your request. In [...]


Node.js framework is very lightweight and does not use threads. Node.js is an event driven framework. It is also asynchronous. Using Node.js developers can write scalable application without having to worry about writing logic to take care of thread related tasks. This article explains two methods to Install Node.js on your Linux system. I. Install [...]


What is Grunt? Grunt is a command line task runner; i.e a build tool. Grunt is supposed to be used with node.js installation. It is built on top of node. Grunt is available as a package at npm repository. Two Purpose of Grunt The major purpose of Grunt is automation. The following are two main [...]


Design pattern generally solves few typical programming challenges and makes it more scalable, reusable and meaningful. It provides a generalized solution for frequently encountered problems, which typically tends to increase the total number of lines of code a program has to write. The following are few benefits of understanding and using Design Patterns: Modular code [...]


In certain situations it’s a good option to use Nodejs with MySQL instead of PHP or any other server-side language. By using Nodejs you can get the advantage of its asynchronous behaviour, which in certain case may increase the performance, and you may not need to migrate an existing MySQL database to some other NoSQL [...]