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How To Send Desktop Notifications on Ubuntu Using notify-send

notify-send command sends notification to the desktop. It is non intrusive. It does not ask user to press ok, and it does not take any control away from the user. This article explains how to send various types of desktop notifications using notify-send program. 1. Simple Notification notify-send can be used to send simple notification [...]


We are Vim editor fans. Vim editor is the most popular editor for UNIX / Linux platform, followed by emacs editor. If you talk to emacs editor fans, they might think otherwise. In the spirit of learning, we’ve decided to explore emacs editor in detail and we’ll be posting several emacs articles in the upcoming [...]


Question: How do I uncompress a *.7z file ( 7zip file ) in UNIX / Linux ? Can you explain with a simple example? Answer: Use 7za command to unzip a 7z file ( 7zip file ) on Unix platform as shown below. Verify whether you have 7za command on your system. # whereis 7za [...]


Ubuntu espeak is a speech synthesizer for English (and several other languages) which will convert text to speech. You can straight away execute espeak command on your Ubuntu machine without any installation or configuration. In this article, let us review 8 examples of espeak command. espeak Example 1: Speak the words specified in command line [...]


6 Steps for Minimal Ubuntu Installation Using debootstrap

The debootstrap utility installs a very minimal Debian system. debootstrap tool will install debian-based Linux OS into a sub-directory. You don’t need an installation CD for this purpose. However, you need to have access to the corresponding Linux distribution repository (for e.g. Debian or Ubuntu). For the purposes of this article we will discuss how [...]


How To Change Password On Ubuntu

Question: How do I change password for my account and other user accounts on Ubuntu Linux OS? Answer: On Ubuntu, you can change password from either GUI or command line as explained below. 1. Ubuntu Change Password from GUI Launch Change Password Window by clicking on “System -> Preferences -> About Me”, which will display [...]


Ubuntu Tips: How To View System Log Files in GUI

Question: When debugging an issue on Ubuntu, I typically go to the command line to view the log file. Are there any GUI log file viewers available for Ubuntu? Answer: Ubuntu comes with an inbuilt system log file viewer. Launching System Log Viewer Click on System -> Administration -> Log File Viewer, to launch the [...]


Similar to Windows Task Manager, Ubuntu offers a system monitoring utility that will display running processes, memory usage, file system usage.  Apart from monitoring, you can also take several actions from the system monitor user interface — such as killing a running process. In this article, let us review how to put the basic monitoring [...]