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This guide will help you to upgrade from Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope to 9.10 Karmic Koala. This tutorial has total of 13 steps with appropriate screen shots. Step 1. Check the Ubuntu Version before Upgrade How to check the current version of Ubuntu? You have the following three options: Option 1: Check the /etc/issue file [...]


Ubuntu is the best Linux desktop distribution, which took the number one spot in our Top 5 Best Linux OS Distributions. Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala stable version is released. You can download it online or order a free CD as explained below. What is new in Ubuntu 9.10? Includes Linux Kernel 2.6.31 Add/Remove in the [...]

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How To Install Java JDK or JRE on Ubuntu or Debian

Question: How do I Install Java on Ubuntu or Debian OS? Answer: If Java is not installed, you’ll get the following error message when you do java -version. # java -version The program 'java' can be found in the following packages: * gij-4.3 * java-gcj-compat-headless * openjdk-6-jre-headless * cacao * gij-4.2 * jamvm * kaffe [...]


Ubuntu Tips: How To Enable Root User ( Super User ) in Ubuntu

Question: I’m unable to do su – on Ubuntu. It says “su: Authentication failure”. How do I fix it? Also, is it possible for me to login to Ubuntu using root account directly? Answer: Let us address these two question one by one. Warning: Enabling root is not recommended. If possible, you should always try [...]


Question: How to run Windows applications in Ubuntu or any other Linux desktop distribution ? Answer: Install wine project, which will enable you to use Windows applications in Linux systems. What is Wine ? Using Wine you can execute Windows application like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc., in your Linux.  Currently, 12,000+ Windows applications can [...]

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Ubuntu Tips: What is a Timed Login In Ubuntu or Kubuntu ?

Question: What is a timed login in Ubuntu or Kubuntu ? How does it work? Answer: If you have created a guest account on your laptop, you may want the guest account to automatically login when you reboot the machine. But, wait. You don’t want that guest account to login automatically when you want to [...]


Ubuntu Tips: How To Setup Dual Monitor

Question: I have purchased two monitors and connected to my desktop / laptop. How do I enable dual monitor setup in Ubuntu? Answer: You can enable the dual monitor from the Ubuntu display preferences as explained below. Click on System -> Preferences -> Display, which will display the following window. Make sure following are taken [...]


Question: How to change date and time on my Ubuntu or Kubuntu laptop ? Answer: You can change the date and time from the ‘Time and Date Settings window’ that can be launched using one of the following two methods. Method 1: Launch From System Tray Right click on the date and time that is [...]