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Geeky Wrap-up: Week of Jun 21, 2010

No words can explain the epic Wimbledon 1st round tennis match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut. Final score: 6-4, 3-6, 6-7 (9-7), 7-6 (7-3), 70-68. It was simply brilliant. If you are a sports fan (doesn’t matter what kind of sport you love), this is a match that you’ll never forget in your life time. This has been called as “greatest match ever” by lot of people in the sports world.

When both Isner and Mahut was involved in this longest tennis match in history (11 Hours and 5 Minutes), this is what happened at the geek stuff this week.


if [ you-want-to-learn-bash-if-statement ]

4 Bash If Statement Examples ( If then fi, If then else fi, If elif else fi, Nested if )
6 Bash Conditional Expression Examples ( -e, -eq, -z, !=, [, [[ ..)



This basic FTP and sFTP guide is for beginners.


If you’ve been putting off consolidating your servers using VMware, you should get started now with VMware free ESXi hypervisor. This is an on-going series, where I’ll walk you through on how to install and configure the ESXi server to virtualize your servers.

VMware ESXi step-by-step Installation Guide with Screenshots


Perl @EXPORT contains list of symbols (subroutines and variables) of the module to be exported into the caller namespace. Perl @EXPORT_OK does export of symbols on demand basis.

Perl Exporter Tutorial with Examples – @EXPORT and @EXPORT_OK


We combined few quick FAQs and published it together.

Once the VMware ESXi is installed, you should change the root password and assign ip-address to the VMware ESxi

Probably you’ve never heard about Forth programming language. If you’re curious to know what it is, check-out this Forth Hello World Example

When you launch a remote server’s GUI application on your local host, you might get “cannot open display:” error. This quick FAQ explains How to Fix “Cannot Open Display” Error While Launching GUI on Remote Server

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