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Quick Apache Hadoop Admin Command Reference Examples

If you are working on Hadoop, you’ll realize there are several shell commands available to manage your hadoop cluster. This article provides a quick handy reference to all Hadoop administration commands. If you are new to big data, read the introduction to Hadoop article to understand the basics. 1. Hadoop Namenode Commands Command Description hadoop [...]


Apache Hadoop Pseudo-distributed mode installation helps you to simulate a multi node installation on a single node. Instead of installing hadoop on different servers, you can simulate it on a single server. Before you continue, make sure you understand the hadoop fundamentals, and have tested the standalone hadoop installation. If you’ve already completed the 1st [...]


Apache Hadoop Single Node Standalone Installation Tutorial

When you implement Apache Hadoop in production environment, you’ll need multiple server nodes. If you are just exploring the distributed computing, you might want to play around with Hadoop by installing it on a single node. This article explains how to setup and configure a single node standalone Hadoop environment. Please note that you can [...]


Hadoop is an open source software used for distributed computing that can be used to query a large set of data and get the results faster using reliable and scalable architecture. This is the first article in our new ongoing Hadoop series. In a traditional non distributed architecture, you’ll have data stored in one server [...]