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What is DNS and How DNS Works? (Domain Name Server Fundamentals)

DNS stands for Domain Name System, or Domain Name Server. DNS resolves an IP address to a hostname or vice versa. DNS is basically a large database which resides on various computers that contains the names and IP addresses of various hosts/domains. Other than ip-address DNS also associates various information with the domain names. Structure [...]


What is TCP Sliding Window? How does it Work?

Sliding window is an interesting concept. In terms of TCP, receiver’s window represents the amount of data that the receiver is willing to accept. In this article, we will cover TCP sliding window concept and aspects related to it. Quick Sender, Slow Receiver Before learning the sliding window concept, lets first discuss a scenario where [...]


How Port Knocking Can Add Extra Layer of Server Security

Port Knocking technique adds an extra layer of security to your server and network, which will make it little harder for intruders to hack the system. In this article, we’ll explain the following on a very high-level: What is a port? What are port attacks? What is port knocking and how it helps? Basics of Computer [...]


How to Setup Linux VPN Server and Client using OpenVPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A Virtual Private Network enables a computer to send and receive data from one private network to another private network which are connected via public network (Internet). This is helpful for those who are outside the company’s intranet, and like to connect to office network securely to access the [...]